Yes 4 Our Kids!


5 Reasons to Vote Yes for the Students

  • Take Care of the Infrastructure

There are pressing infrastructure needs at all three of the schools; this isn’t surprising given their age.  The heating at the high school is barely sufficient, you actually see students bringing blankets to class.  The lack of air conditioning at Parkview Elementary caused a humidity issue resulting in mold growth last year.  The systems are not energy efficient.  Over ten million dollars of the referendum goes into upgrading the HVAC, electrical, windows, roofing and other needs at all three schools.

  • Modernize the Classrooms

This referendum, unlike the last one, primarily focuses on improving the academic areas of the schools.  Almost ten million dollars is spent fully revitalizing the Mayville High School, including new larger classroom layouts for collaborative learning, all new science labs, and remodeling of essentially the entire floorplan to create pretty much a new school.   On top of that, the bus port is closed and a new 24,800 square foot state of the art STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math) wing is added.

  • Safety and Security

Our students need to be safe and secure.  With this referendum all three schools are provided state of the art monitoring together with secure entrances monitored by staff.  Classroom security and door locks are also enhanced.  Finally, to better secure the schools at night, the lighting issues are addressed with energy efficient lights.

  • Learn with Technology

The current classrooms, particularly at the high school, were designed for an era with far less technology.  Computers, tablets, and other electronic devices are proven to allow students to learn more efficiently and prepare them better for the job market.  However, the current classrooms have insufficient electrical outlets, not enough space, and outdated furniture which holds our students back.   The referendum plan fixes all that.

  • Cutting Edge Education

Mayville is a manufacturing community, and our manufacturers have invested heavily in state of the art equipment, processes, and facilities.  However, our manufacturing education has lagged behind, and is still in some cases using equipment from before Mayville High School was built 53 years ago.  The referendum plan puts in place K-12 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math) education.  The elementary school receives a new Fab Lab where young learners are exposed to practical concepts like structures and robotics.  The high school is outfitted with a dedicated STEAM wing where the bus port currently is located.  This facility will allow the students to actually engage in modern manufacturing, in partnership with our businesses.

The current referendum plan is the result of years of hard work, research, and planning on how best to help our students.  Diverse community citizens, teachers, and administrators participated in a Facilities Study Committee and dug into the details of what needs our district has and how to meet them.  The current referendum took all that input and turned it into a detailed strategy for all three schools.  We hope for these five reasons, you choose to invest in the Mayville schools and vote YES! on April 4, 2017.



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