Yes 4 STEAM!

5 Reasons to Vote YES 4 STEAM!

The 24,800 square-feet of new construction is a modern, state of the art STEAM wing consisting of a modern facility for technology and agricultural education.  This includes a clean room, fabrication lab, agricultural lab, greenhouse, food science lab, and an adjoining science facility.  STEAM represents Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Arts and Math.  The upgraded facility will allow for enhanced education in agricultural, manufacturing, and construction techniques.  This referendum puts an emphasis on STEAM for our community in the following ways.


  • Give Kids Better Local Options

Our community’s job market is heavily based on manufacturing.  By putting an emphasis on STEAM, we prepare our kids for more advanced career path choices that employers are looking for in our area.  This gives the students more career options locally after High School.


  • Teach Modern Skills

STEAM incorporates a wide spectrum of classroom instruction and laboratory work to help build fundamental skills critical to career development.  Our world constantly changes and we need to teach cutting edge agricultural, manufacturing and construction methods.  The STEAM teachers from various disciplines will have a greater impact on students working together in a state-of-the-art facility.


  • Invest in our Local Businesses

 The local economy is growing in Agriculture and Manufacturing.  These businesses are investing millions of dollars in our community.  They are in need of better educated associates at all levels of work.  We need to allow our kids to have more options to fill those vacancies, or to return someday with a higher education completed and some industry experience to fill those vacancies.


  • Develop Our Community

By improving our kids’ education and supporting our local industry, we will continue to grow the tax base.  Growing the tax base helps to reduce taxes for all property owners.  This will not happen overnight, but will happen over time.  Without this emphasis, and without more a more qualified workforce, our industry partners in Mayville have no reason to try and grow in Mayville.  We need them and they need the school district.


  • Be Proud of Mayville

Taking care of the educational needs of our kids, our industry, and our schools by rallying around STEAM sets Mayville apart from other communities.  It says that we understand what is important and how our community works.  It says that we are conservative by using the strong structural “bones” of the existing building and renovating it to become state of the art.  We further send a message that we put academics and infrastructure first; over 86% of this referendum is devoted to those areas.


Join us in saying YES on April 4th for Our Community!  Take a stand and say that we are different.  We value our kids’ future.  We value our industry, and we will focus on this to grow Mayville from within.


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