YES 4 Manufacturing!


5 Reasons to Vote Yes for Manufacturing!

The biggest single addition to the High School in the proposed referendum is a technical education room used to teach modern manufacturing and construction techniques.  The proposed space would be designed like a modern manufacturing facility and outfitted with modern equipment provided in partnership with local manufacturers.  The area would house Cardinal Industries, the School’s in house manufacturing company.  For these reasons you should support manufacturing by voting Yes on April 4, 2017.

  • Focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, arts and math)

Part of the referendum is dedicated to creating maker labs at Parkview and the Middle School.  Maker labs are used for students to create projects and apply what they have learned in the classroom.  It is also an area to use things such as 3D printers and perform science experiments.  Exposing our kids to growing levels of complexity in science and technology at a younger age will help to kindle an interest in such fields later in their education, and expand their knowledge base and skill set.  This in turn will help increase the quality of education and give a foundation for many to pursue manufacturing careers, or to prepare for advanced degrees beyond high school.

  • Manufacturing is a Pillar of the Community

Manufacturing and Agriculture are the Pillars of the community.  Supporting our Pillars helps to ensure the stability of our local economy for generations to come.  The local industry has a great need of labor in advanced manufacturing positions.  It also needs Engineers, CNC Programmers, and many other advanced positions to keep growing.  If the local community cannot provide these positions, companies have to look elsewhere.  Let’s have our manufacturers grow in Mayville!  Let’s support them, so they can grow the tax base and support our schools more!

  • Modern Manufacturing is a Growing Part of Our Local Economy

As advanced manufacturing takes root in America, there will be many more opportunities in manufacturing for years to come.  There are many substantial manufacturing companies in our community; we need to keep it going.  We must help educate our kids better to give them a foundation to pursue careers of their choosing, but give them exposure to manufacturing to increase their awareness.  Through cross education with other STEAM areas, we can help expand their foundations and horizons, and empower them to have more options at graduation.

  • New Space for the Tech Ed Area

This is critical.  This is the primary need right now in Mayville for STEAM.  Some of the equipment in the current Tech Ed room is from the old high school.  That means pre-1964.  Manufacturing has certainly changed since 1964.  Cardinal Industries is growing and in need of the basics to continue.  They need a truck dock.  They need ceilings higher than 10’ to fit even the most basic press brake in the shop.  They need more space.  They need a door wider than 6’ and taller than 7’ to fit new machines into.  They are at their limit and need this referendum.  This referendum provides what is needed for us to jump from 1960 to 2020 in manufacturing technology.

  • Investment in Manufacturing will Pay Off

With manufacturing being a Pillar of the community, we need more excitement in technology education.  How do you expect kids to get excited about careers in manufacturing when their first impression of a manufacturing career is walking into a classroom full of equipment crammed in from 1960?  That doesn’t work.  We need to show manufacturing for what it is.  3D Printers, CNC press brakes, CNC waterjets, laser cutters, and other operations.  Our manufactures have invested millions of dollars in the local community; we should return the investment by helping educate the employees they need for their family supporting middle class jobs.


The current referendum plan is a culmination of over 4 years of work in different areas, brought together under one comprehensive plan.  Do the right thing for Mayville.  Do the right thing for our kids.  Do the right thing for our future.  We haven’t done anything for manufacturing on a large scale for Mayville Schools since 1964.  Vote Yes! on April 4, 2017, to say YES 4 Manufacturing!


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