YES 4 Economic Development!


5 Reasons to Vote YES 4 Economic Development!

A healthy school system is vital to a thriving community and there is no doubt that Mayville can grow and expand, with making the right choices.  The Mayville School District is in the center of our nation’s manufacturing region.  With this manufacturing hub, we have the advantage.  Our great business partners are pleading for assistance in helping them to fill their employment needs.  These employment needs are not unique to Mayville; however, they present a challenge where we need to step up and provide assistance.  It comes as no surprise that if our local businesses are unable to find a capable workforce, they will relocate or shift production to other factories to continue to grow their businesses.

This upcoming referendum will positively impact local economic development and help us meet the needs of our business partners.  The upcoming referendum will strengthen our economic development through the following categories.

  • Preparing a Future Workforce

Businesses like MEC have been working with local economic partners to help fill their workforce demand.  We know there are great careers available right here in Mayville.  Careers from welding to accounting,  HR, engineering, marketing, and more can be found right here in our school district.  The addition of the STEAM educational area and the enhancement of curriculum will help develop and educate an employable workforce for our local employers.

Many of the skills that places like MEC and others require can be learned right here, in our local high school.  The Mayville High School Tech Ed Advisory Board  is comprised of key employees of local manufacturers and they fully support the suggested improvements for STEAM education included in this referendum.  These employers understand that their future workforce is right here, at our high school.   Let’s help meet our local employers’ needs and keep our youth local by providing a beneficial education.  Not only will we help meet our local needs, but we will be able to give a better foundation to those students that wish to pursue higher education after high school.

  • Growing Local Businesses

Through improvements in our school district and our level of education, we will meet the demands of local businesses and allow them to grow here.  Our best short term chance at economic development is in supporting our local industry pillars, Manufacturing and Agriculture.  If we support them, they will grow here in Mayville.  By growing in Mayville, they will grow our tax base which will lower our taxes and allow our community to do more.

  • Recruitment of New Business

By working together, we will see the ability to recruit new businesses to our district.  Businesses will work with economic surveyors to search for locations where the selected businesses can relocate and set up operation.  One essential item that a surveyor will look for is the ability to meet the workforce need.  The workforce needs analysis includes the number of available skilled workers currently available and those that are in the educational pipeline.  By supporting this referendum, we will enable our youth to develop a skill set that will not only enable our youth to be employable but our district will become more marketable to new businesses.  With new businesses also comes additional tax base, increased real estate needs, and increased available money that can be spent at our local stores and restaurants.

  • Growing our Population

It has been said that the population of Mayville nearly doubles during business hours.  That is, employees from many other larger communities drive to Mayville every day for work.  They live in other communities that have more resources and in some cases, better schools.  By improving our school district and our local economy, we can make it more attractive to live here and avoid the commute.  To do this, we have to grow.  To grow, we need to not only update our schools, but improve our quality of education.  A focus on STEAM with this referendum does both.

  • Quality of Life

Take a moment and talk to our residents that have had the chance to work at local businesses. If you are not already aware, you will quickly learn that our local careers provide a great quality of life.  Our local businesses and manufacturers are willing to invest in their employees by offering strong salaries, health insurance, retirement programs, and education reimbursement.  Some even offer ownership in their companies.  Just looking around the city, we see a quality of life where employees can support their families and still enjoy activities in their personal lives.   Supporting this referendum has a chain effect that benefits our industry, our population, and our way of life.

In closing, if we want Mayville to continue to evolve and build upon our economic strength, we have a duty to provide a facility for our future workforce to learn and develop.  By supporting this referendum, you are supporting a stronger economic vision of our communities.  Investing in our workforce will build a tax base for our communities to be financially strong for generations to come.


Vote YES 4 Economic Development on April 4th!



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