YES 4 Fine Arts!


5 Reasons to Vote YES 4 Fine Arts

The referendum includes provisions to renovate areas for Fine Arts, along with some key features to provide for a better experience at Mayville High School when attending events.  But why does Mayville need the emphasis on Fine Arts?

  • Give our Musicians More Space

By moving Tech Ed and Agriculture to a new area, the plan opens the South Wing of the High School to provide more space for Choral and Band rooms.  It also provides a suitable space for the Show Choir, which in turn frees up space at the Middle School.  These rooms will take shape in the previous space used by Tech Ed and Agricultural Education.  Renovations in these areas provides for larger rooms, much more storage space (there is a mezzanine above the current Tech Ed facility), and rooms for personal practice.

  • Make the Auditorium Safe and Usable

There is no new auditorium in the plan, as the community has spoken in that a new auditorium is not needed at this time. The existing auditorium will undergo renovation to correct safety concerns and overall usability concerns.  However, a death spiral staircase cannot continue to be used. Improvements must be made to make the space we currently have more useable and safer for participants.

  • Improve Quality of our Events

Our High School just held its musical; while the performance was great the space the performance was held in leaves a lot to be desired.  The renovation plans call for a space to allow for concession stands, better restrooms and better accessibility for those attending events at the High School Auditorium.  These spaces will also be shared with athletic events.  They will allow groups and clubs in the high school to sell concessions easier at events.  They will also allow for better flow of people to and from events.

  • Provide Accessibility

One of the greatest drawbacks of the current High School is for accessibility by those with disabilities or for senior citizens.  The entire lower level of the academic wing currently can’t be accessed by a wheelchair bound individual.  The auditorium does not have accessible seating.  The renovation plans call for improvements for accessibility throughout the school so our citizens with disabilities and senior citizens can better access and enjoy events.  Enabling more citizens to enjoy our events will provide for a better community overall.

  •  Invest in our Arts Programs

We have state and nationally recognized programs in the Choral and Band department.  We also have some very dangerous conditions due to the age of the school and the volume of students using it.  These include the spiral staircase behind the stage, poor lighting all around, other hazards behind the stage, small dressing rooms in the far reaches of the facility, and lack of proper safety features such as railings in key areas.  We owe it to our current students to provide the best and safest learning environment possible to enable them to continue to uphold our tradition of excellence.

Fine Arts are an important aspect of our community, and a focal point in the education of many of our students.  We need to support the programs through improvements in facilities.  We need this referendum.  Vote YES 4 Fine Arts on April 4th!






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