Yes 4 Conservatism!

YES 4 Conservatism!

5 Reasons to Vote YES 4 Conservatism!

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization.  When it comes to schools, it is a repository of cultural values.  That is, a way of looking at our education as a way to pass on our values and preserve them for future generations.  Voting YES 4 the Referendum on April 4th is a way to commit to Conservatism.  The following are 5 reasons to Vote YES 4 Conservatism!

  •  Values

By investing in our schools, we secure our ability to pass on our values and preserve them for the next generation.  In the case of this referendum, if we focus on STEAM, Athletics, and maintaining our facilities in a conservative manner, we pass on that focus to our children.  Their education will be focused on those core areas.  In turn, they will pass it on to the following generation.

  • Parent Choice

Through this referendum, our parents will be making a decision that will impact the next several generations, and honor the commitments of our parents and grandparents.  We retain the choice of where to send our kids for school.  We also recognize that we have the option to send our kids to other schools.  By keeping the Mayville School District in good operating order, we retain the choice of where our kids go to school, encourage local competition between neighboring school districts, and retain the choice of how our education is structured.

  • Quality Content

This referendum is structured to add quality to the contents of our local educational system.  We are making a decision on the infrastructure, learning spaces, safety and security, STEAM content, Fine Arts and Athletics that all directly impact the quality of education our kids will receive for generations to come.  This referendum is focused on the end result of improving our kids’ education.  We are voting on the importance and impacts of the quality of education on our kids, which will ultimately impact their achievements in life.

  • Accountability

By taking care of our school district, we keep our school district intact.  This allows Mayville area residents to hold our local Board of Education accountable for the results.  If we allow our school district to falter, and to eventually merge with another school district, we lose some of that ability to hold our leadership accountable because we would be sharing that accountability with another community.  This is your chance to vote to retain accountability in our kids’ education.

  • Efficiency

By voting YES for this referendum, we are bringing all facilities up to good working order, updating outdated technology and improving safety and security to make the entire school district more efficient in all areas.  This means our operating expenses will be more controllable in the future as a better plan will be in place to maintain our facilities over how things have been handled in years past.  It also means getting the most bang for every tax buck we spend.  Making our school district more efficient will also put us in a great condition to grow in the future as our community grows.

While referendums are typically not about being conservative or liberal, it is important to note that we can all apply our conservative principles to our school district with this referendum.  Conservatism is a value that Mayville has held true for its entire existence.

Vote YES 4 Conservatism on April 4th!


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