About YES 4 Our Community!


Yes 4 Our Community is a civic organization in Mayville, Wisconsin, that was founded to advocate for a yes vote in on the school referendum April 4, 2017.    While the school district itself is limited in what it can do…a community movement is not!  In 2018, we are focused on spreading a positive message about some of the great citizens we have running for the school board.  We are working to overcome the negativity of a few and help to share more information about the current board members that we believe can bring our school district and community together.

The group was founded by community-minded citizens and is run entirely through volunteer efforts.   Our goal now is to ensure that accurate information is available for every voter about what is needed for our community in terms of representation on the school board.   This is a community movement.  That means that anyone who wants to help or has an idea should join in the conversation and learn more about some of our current Board members!

So take advantage of our resources and learn more about James Congdon, John Westphal, and Laangela Sheri Davis!

Thank you for your interest in OUR movement.

Don’t forget to Vote YES! for Our Community by supporting our current Board members on April 3rd, 2018!


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