Let’s Meet The Positive People!

In an effort to keep a positive tone in the process, we are going to start by sharing a bit more information about the positive candidates that are running for the Board of Education.  These are the ones who have shown in the debate that they are not holding past grievances against the school district.  They are the ones who have shown, through their experience on the board of education that they represent all types of political backgrounds, but can come together and find common ground to do what is best for the community.  These are the people we need to listen to closely, as they are not always the loudest voices in the room, but they have the experience and/or understanding of the true challenges for our school district and a passion for making things better for all of our children and our community.

So let us take the time to learn a little bit about these people that have been serving on the school board and are working tirelessly to make Mayville better, and to move the community forward collectively.

John Westphal, current Board of Education President, and 22-year member of the board.  John has been President for 15 years, and continues to lead the board to find common ground on some of the most challenging topics facing any school district these days.

James Congdon, Past President of the Board of Education, has 32 years of experience on the board.  James has also been a volunteer educator at Mayville sixth grade camp for 34 years.  He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of our school district and is excellent at working to find common ground on tough issues.

Laangela Sheri Davis, the current interim Board member for the past several months, has shown her desire to create a direct and stronger connection between families and the Board of Education.  “Sheri”, as her friends call her, is passionate, inquisitive, and compassionate with a unique perspective of our schools that is shared by many parents.  She represents an opportunity for our Board of Education to have a better perspective of the needs of families and children within our school district.

Take some time in the coming days to learn more about these positive, committed people that desire to work together, from all different perspectives, to do what is right for our community.

And above all, make sure you make it to the polls on Tuesday, April 3rd, to show your support in moving Mayville forward!


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