Mayville School District Status Update

Well Mayville, it’s been about a year since we last gathered together to do what is right for OUR Community.  The referendum activity has been picking up pace.  Financing was put in place at a lower interest rate that was expected, and the board of education moved to lock in all the financing at once at this rate, saving the district millions in interest charges over the life of the plan.  Equipment is moving in, updates are taking place, and the plan is starting to come to life!  Many needed repairs and updates are already complete, but the most exciting time is coming this summer with the new construction phase beginning.  If you want more details on the progress, please visit the district website that outlines all the details. It is finally happening, and all because you stepped up to do what is right for Mayville Schools!

Amidst all this great activity, we find ourselves at yet another turning point, and all help is needed to keep the school district headed in the right direction.  A group of people not satisfied with the referendum, and filled with frustrations of past grievances against the school district, has banded together to try and take over the board of education to change course in how our school district is managed.  They are led by a single member of the board of education, trying to force the change in direction for the entire district.  In other political arenas with a bit more force and display, this might be referred to as an attempt of a “coup” or “revolution.”

On Tuesday, April 3rd, you again have a chance to have your voice heard.  A chance to block out the negativity, and take control of the destiny of your children’s education.  A chance to make it right, and to keep it headed in the right direction.  It will take everyone to accomplish this, and it must be done cleanly, and with the best interest of the community in mind.  Join us at the polls on Tuesday to end the negativity and vote for those that put the future of the community first, and that best represent your interests rather than those of a select few.  Help bring our community together in a positive manner, that represents the best qualities of residents of the Mayville School District!


One thought on “Mayville School District Status Update

  1. Citizens of the School District of Mayville, let us continue to move our community forward. I see the
    NO’s are out in force again. Well meaning folks that do not have the welfare of the Districts students
    in mind. The incumbent school board members have our students wellbeing in mind and have us
    taking steps to bring us into a better position to meet their needs. We support the reelection of
    John Westphal, James Condon, and Ms. Davis. We have a responsibility to get out and vote next Tuesday.
    Hopefully, we will vote for progress and growth in our community.

    We like many communities have serious problems filling good jobs at our local factories. We have fallen
    behind in our school facilities and that becomes a problem trying to attract young couples with children to
    Mayville. People look for good jobs, great schools with matching facilities, day care, friendly accommodating people, grocery store, recreation facilities, parks and so on. We do pretty well on these
    attributes except neighboring communities in all directions have been investing in their schools. Until
    the referendum passed ( barely ) we had not invested in the high school since early 1960s. That’s 55
    years ago!! Think of the changes that have occurred in those years! We will vote for the leadership
    that was able to plan and pass our recent referendum. That’s progress and just may bring in a few more
    workers for MEC, Metal Craft, Gleason and the other great businesses we have in our town. We must
    invest in our future to long term keep our factories and businesses in Mayville. Vote and vote for
    progress and a future for our schools and jobs. Best regards Bill Lee


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