Meet John Westphal!

John Westphal, the current Board of Education President, is running for Zone 1 North.

Name: John Westphal

Occupation: Application Sales Engineer

Family Information: My wife of 40 years, Laurie, and our sons David and Scott, have resided in the Mayville area for over 30 years.

Community Involvement: My community involvement includes being a member of the Theresa Lions Club for 21 years (current Treasurer), Audubon Days Volunteer for 30 years, Mayville School Board member for 22 years (15 years as President), member of Mayville Schools Business Advisory committee for four years, and Theresa Athletic Association Men’s Adult Softball League Commissioner for five years.

In 2006, along with my family, we were recognized as the Mayville Citizen of the Year by the Mayville Chamber of Commerce.

Recently, at the 2018 Mayville FFA banquet, I was awarded an outstanding service award for my support of the Mayville FFA program.

Why are you running for candidacy? I believe that public education is a cornerstone to a great community. Our school system needs to efficiently and effectively prepare our youth for both life and career. It is also important that our schools offer a diverse curriculum that allows learners to choose an education path that supports their career ambitions and prepares them for post-graduation. Safety and technology are also very important in today’s schools; with continued investments necessary to ensure our schools are safe and up-todate.

As a member of the Mayville School Board, I will continue to put a priority on hiring an effective administration to accomplish these goals, while being mindful of the tax implications.

What are your qualifications? I am currently on the Mayville School Board with 22 years of experience, 15 years as president. In these 22 years, I have gained significant familiarity with the operations of the School Board and District including: the school district budget process and tax levy, hiring administration and staff that provides a path for student success, and working with the ever-transforming education system.

Why should people vote for you? Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. As a member of the Mayville School Board, I will continue to support the advancement of education and fiscal responsibility for our community. Today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens, our commitment today will lead to Mayville’s future and success.

Make sure you make it to the polls on Tuesday, April 3rd, to show your support in moving Mayville forward!


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