See 4 Yourself!

This election for the Mayville Board of Education is just as important for the future of Mayville Schools as the Referendum!

We need a Board that is composed of citizens that represent all of us, not just the ideas of one.

We do not need a single voice making decisions on the Board!

We need diverse people that can work together and find common ground to bring our community together, and not further divide us.

We need people that make decisions based on facts, not hearsay.  People that can make sound reasoning and judgment and not let raw emotion or past grievances guide their ways!

We need James Congdon, John Westphal, and Laangela Sheri Davis!  

Don’t believe us?  Before you vote on April 3rd, make sure you watch this debate.  Let the candidates speak for themselves.  See their true colors.

See 4 Yourself who you should elect to our Board of Education….


One thought on “See 4 Yourself!

  1. I have seen this kind of thing happen in Kewaskum, where I grew up. It seems that the goal is to sway the balance of power in the opposite direction (away from supporting education, schools, teachers) by simply finding bodies to put in seats on the School Board, so to speak.
    Mr. O’Toole ‘s position is clear, based on all the rhetoric he put out to try to defeat the referendum over thepast few years. But these other 2 challengers do not have a lot to say. The community of Mayville has spoken. We accepted a compromise and the referendum was passed. Why would we want all the back-pedaling that the three challengers to the incumbent board members seem to be advocating? The passing of the referendum was a vote of confidence in our community and it’s greatest asset–the future of our children! I hope we can re-elect the candidates that have our community’s best interests at heart!


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