Why Yes?


Why vote Yes for our community?  Follow our blog and posts to learn more!

To start, here are the five main areas of concern addressed by the referendum:

  1. Infrastructure
    • The referendum covers Parkview, the Middle School and High School capital maintenance items that need to be addressed to keep the entire school district operating properly.
    • The High School was built in 1964 and basically has not been touched since. It’s time.  From Title IX implications on space to ADA requirements, it’s time for an update.
    • Electrical, telecommunications and other infrastructure needs have changed since 1964.  It’s time.
  2. Learning Spaces
    • Updates to incorporate more STEAM (science, technology, engineering, agriculture, art, and math) are included at each facility to help students expand their exposure to all areas.
    • Major updates to the High School are included to account for today’s learning environment needs, which are drastically different from 1964.
    • Tech Ed and Agriculture will see new spaces to accommodate their growing needs and help enable students to prepare for careers locally or for advanced education.
  3. Safety and Security
    • Today’s environment requires a higher level of security than was needed in 1964.
    • We want our learners to spend their days in a safe and secure environment so they all can focus on their education.
    • Technological changes since 1964 allow us to do a better job than in years past.
  4. Athletics
    • The needs for athletics has grown since Title IX went into effect in 1972.  The demand for activities for all students greatly increased since that time, stretching current resources to their limit.
    • We have some of the best programs in the state, and also some of the worst facility conditions.
    • There was no way to plan for Title IX or the new activities of today back in 1964.  It’s time to make a change.
  5. Fine Arts
    • The auditorium is in need of repair and update.
    • The band and choral rooms simply need more room for the current enrollment of students in their programs.
    • Moving Tech Ed and Agriculture provides an opportunity to utilize existing space to benefit the Fine Arts departments and their growing needs.